One Hit Wonder

2012-05-02 01:20:42 by hotgreen01

I had been working on again and off again on an album of mostly electronic stuff. In 2008 I posted some tracks and they did alright. Now I have posted the other half of the album, "One Hit Wonder". I have also added the album art work to each track. I hope you like it.

One Hit Wonder

Album Art

2012-04-26 14:31:10 by hotgreen01

I have been collecting tunes from NG for a while and decided that I wanted an album cover for the song collections I had accumulated. So I decided to make some of my own. I need to make more but I have enough now to cover 3 albums worth of NG music.

My Tunes

2008-05-28 01:31:59 by hotgreen01

I am slowly adding music that I have made. I hope that it is well received. I just wish that if people were gonna vote they would also write a review as to why they approve or disapprove. I will be posting more tracks soon but they limit the uploads to 2 per day so it will take me a little while to post everything I have.